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Last Updates
Indira Varma cast as Ellaria Sand
venerdė, 26 luglio 2013
More casting news, hot off the presses! James Hibberd of Entertainment Weekly has reported that Indira Varma will join the cast as Ellaria... Read more...
Red Viper Cast!
sabato, 29 giugno 2013
Here is the big casting news everyone was waiting for… Pedro Pascal has been cast as Oberyn Martell!        ... Read more...
Schok Time!
domenica, 16 giugno 2013
Riparte la corsa al Trono di Spade
venerdė, 10 maggio 2013
There are no translations available
La Terza Stagione de "Il Trono di Spade" in onda su Sky Cinema dal 10 Maggio
lunedė, 01 aprile 2013
There are no translations available
Il cofanetto della seconda stagione a breve in Italia
mercoledė, 13 marzo 2013
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Season Three Premiere
lunedė, 01 ottobre 2012
Casting Speculation and News
domenica, 01 luglio 2012
This looks close to confirmed, although not officially. Kerry Ingram, a young English actor from Warfield (fitting!), has tweeted about... Read more...
Game of Thrones season one in dvd for Italy
giovedė, 14 giugno 2012
In dvd and blu-ray by 11/5/12      
Season Three
venerdė, 13 aprile 2012
From Martin's Blog : Yes, it's official. HBO has ordered a third season of GAME OF THRONES. Like the first two seasons, it will be ten... Read more...
Some curiosities about Season Two
Written by Axl Baratheon   
mercoledė, 07 dicembre 2011

HBO has just published on his website the first (mini)teaser of the Season nr. Two:

And, even if "the night is dark and full of terror", it seems that the shootings for the next season are going well.
Here a little taste of what we'll see (mounting allowing) and from the backstage in this interwiev to Weiss and Benioff, producers and writers of the series.

Some words about the changes compared to the books:
- it seems that the coat of the Greyjoys'vessel will be more grey than black
- also Stannis, like the other Baratheon brothers, won't have black hair (and it seems that he'll have a very short beard)
- it seems that we'll see "the good" Ser Gregor Clegane with a cloak Lannister-red on one side, yellow with the Cleganes' dogs on the other
- King Renly's vessel will be a golden stag on a green coat, Renly will havea  beard, a crown of golden stag's antlers (and not of roses that sustain a stag) and... a golden armor
- on his return to Pyke Theon will speak to a priest of the Drowned God, who will not be Aeron "Damphair".

Despite some concerns about the news in "House Greyjoy" we're however confident that, from what little we can see, also the Season nr. Two will be a hig-quality product!


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