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Characters Wildlings
Written by Axl   
venerd́, 13 aprile 2012




Mance Rayder is known in the Seven Kingdoms as the King-beyond-the-Wall. He was a Night’s Watch man, but he deserted, because he couldn’t endure or understand that sort of captivity that his brotherhood is obliged to respect. And so one night he ran beyond the Wall, where he became the Wildlings’ King. He is doesn’t appear as and old man, but he’s either not young. He usually wears his old black cloack, which was given to him on the Wall, though it is in bad conditions, almost ruined. At a first look, nobody would say that King-beyond-the-Wall is really a King.

He is a man of normal height, thin and sharp-faced, with wise eyes and long brown hair, which are slowly turning to grey.



Craster is a cruel and ruthless man who lives in an old building which he claims to be his castle beyond the Wall. Rich, considering Wildlings standards, Craster made a deal with Night’s Watch: when the Watchers would be near the castle and in troubles, Craster will welcome them, offering food and hospitality. But this surely does not mean that Craster is a good man. He still looks like a very powerful man, and shows in many ways his strenght, though in oldness. His hair is grey but turning to white. The flat nose and the drooping mouth give Craster a cruel look. Besides, he lost an ear due to the cold. He lives in his fortress with numerous wives.

When they birth a child, if it is a female, the newborn can live. Instead, if it is a male, the newborn’s fate is to be brutally abandoned in the Forest. And when Craster’s daughters reach mature age, they become his wives too.






Dalla is a Wilding girl, but she isn’t an ordinary woman: in fact, she brings in her womb the son of Mance Rayder, the King-beyond-the-Wall. Due to this fact, many consider her to be the Queen beyond the Wall, albeit it isn’t common putting these titles among Wildlings.

Mance Rayder met Dalla in one of his numerous adventures and he was dazzled by her beauty: in fact, though Dalla would be a North woman, her hair is blonde and her eyes bright blue. The exact opposite of a northern woman kind!

So Dalla, felt herself in love with Mance too, and further accepted to follow him beyond the Wall, where nowadays she is treated as the Wildlings queen, also waiting for the baby.




Commander of the army vanguard of the Wildlings, she is tall, strong and dark haired. Harma is physically very big, abnormally big, for a woman, with cheeks like steaks. Besides, Harma is called “Dogshead” for the gruesome habit of killing dogs and using their heads, speared on a lance, like a scary banner.






Enormous like all the giants, from 10 to 14 feet tall, Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg is also known as Mag “the Mighty” and he is the leader of a huge tribe of his race. His body is covered of ruffle hair, thick beneath the belt, and sparser over it. His impressively big mouth is full of big squared teeth, his language is tart and discordant. He has large, flat and hard feet, horny and dark. Being almost neckless, his enormous and heavy head seems to be popping out directly from his shoulders. Two little rat eyes, not larger than glass pearls, emerge within folds of horny flesh and his face is squashed and brutal. His legs are extremely strong, but much shorter than his arms, which still are quite longer than human ones. Although his chest appears similar to the human one, his lower thorax looks half as wide as his upper. He is older than the rest of giants. His pelt is grey and streaked with white, as the mammoth he rides, the oldest and biggest of his tribe.




Osha is a Wildlings’ woman. She lives with her people beyond the Wall. She is thin, nimble, with black hair and eyes. Without any doubt a beautiful woman, Osha is trained to resist and survive to any kind of weather. Wildlings have to learn some tricks, if they want to survive the freezing snow.




Rattleshirt is an officer, if it possible to say so, of Mance Rayder, the King-beyond-the-Wall. Obviously he is also a Wildling and his people use to call him “Lord of Bones”, because of his funny hobby to take the bones of the ones he kills, either humans or animals, to make with them his personal equipment. His armor is made by sheep, mammoth, goat and even human’s bones. His helmet is obtained from a giant’s skull. Because of this he often frightens his own people, but not the Night’s Watch men, who consider pathetic and weak those kind of equipments.






Ryk was born and grown among Wildlings. He is called “longspear” because of his weapon: a spear obtained piling wood, bones and stones.

It’s well known: beyond the Wall forges are rare. As a Wildlings’ member, he swore loyalty to the King-beyond-the-Wall, Mance Rayder.

Used to Northern freeze, Ryk is a short and ugly man, with a head too big and deformed. Because of this, no normal and regular helm would fit in his head.

And this is because his only suitable helmet is a giant, yellowed skull.

The skull cover his ordinary face: osseus chin, thin mustaches, pinched and noxius cheeks.

His eyes are close-set, one eyebrow creeping all the way across his forehead and from his sharp widow’s peak dark hair thinning back.

His armor is made of bones, as the majority of the Wildlings.

Member of the Rattleshirt’s “Lord of Bones” troop, Ryk longspear has a sharp tongue and like every wildling, he doesn’t respect his superiors.




Styr is the Maknar of the Thenns, fierce warriors, different from the other normal Wildlings. The Maknar says that he is the last of the First Men and rules his warriors hardly, demanding absolute compliance. In ancient language, the term Maknar means “lord” and the Thenns consider the Maknar some kind of divinity.

Tall and thin, Styr wears a leather cloth, covered with bronze scales. Across his back, he keeps a two-handed longsword in a leather sheath. His body has long wiry muscles. He is clean-shaved, bald, with a strong straight nose and deep green eyes. He could have been an attractive man, if he hadn’t lost both of his ears, perhaps in combat or due to the frostbite. Their lack made the man’s head seem narrow and pointed.






Tormund, Mance Rayder’s group of warriors’ commander, is huge man, with a large, gap-toothed smile. His face is bordered by a thick white beard which do make him appear, of course along with his smile, very jovial. He has a lot of appellations, which he is very proud of: “Mead-King of Ruddy Hall”, “Speaker to Gods”, “Father of Hosts”, “Breaker of Ice”, “Thunderfist”, “Tall-talker”, “Horn-blower”, “Husband to Bears” are some of them, but above all he is known as “Giantsbane”, because once he took refuge at a giantess womb, trying to get safe from a blizzard, which had surprised him outdoors. When the giantess rised from her sleep, she exchanged him for her child and she breastfeed Tormund for three moon cycles, until his escape.

He can speak the ancient giants’ language and among his sons stand out Toregg and Dormund.





Val is Dalla’s younger sister and because of this she is the considered the Wilding Princess.

She is beatiful, grey-eyed, thin, with little breasts, sharp and high chickbones and a long honey colored braid along her hip. Val has the pride and the strength that mark every wildling woman, and she is very fascinating.

Her partner is Jarl, a young plunderer.





Varamyr is a loyal and faithful wildling warrior, follower of Mance Rayder. Very thin and with a mouse sneer, Varamyr is called “Sixskins”, thanks to his admired and mysterious metamorphic abilities. His inseparable fellows are a white bear, three wolves and a shadowcat.






Ygritte is a wildling girl who lives beyond the Wall with her people. She is on the same age of Jon Snow and she is considered a wonderful woman among her people, who call her “Kissed by fire”, due to her red hair. She has black eyes and a bright smile. Though badly twisted, her teeth are very white. She is a skilled fighter, like the almost every Wildling woman.


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