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Characters Martell
Written by Axl   
martedý, 12 giugno 2012




Doran Nymeros Martell is the Dorne's Prince and Sunspear Lord.

First-born of a long series of brothers, nevertheless only two of them survived to the youth, and only one of them are today in life. Mors and Olyvar Martell, respectively second-born and third-born, died still in the crib. While the young Doran lent service to the elderly Lord Gargalen to the Coast of the Salt, a crow bringing news came however that, with one month of advance, Elia Martell had been born.

At that time, Doran Martell was only nine years old, but he was considered him enough great to understand that that month of advance would have meant only the death of his new little sister. Died that however it didn't reach her. Elia lived, and the following year was reached by Oberyn. He also survived.

The Martell are faithful for a long time to the House Targaryen, in how much in past they had been made different unions between the Ruling Lineage and the Martell's lineage, since both possess the pure blood of the ancient Valyria. Before among these unions that that it saw how protagonist king Daeron II Targaryen with Myriah Martell, the tradition is repeated when the Prince heir to the throne Rhaegar Targaryen didn't have sisters with which to get married.

Aerys II Targaryen, notoriously called then the insane king, required whether to be the bride of Rhaegar was really Elia Martell, the Doran's sister. This way it happened. Elia Martell married Rhaegar Targaryen, while contemporarily to King's Landing her same uncle, Lewyn Martell, served the King in the very famous Real Watch. In their union, Elia Martell gave two children, the small Rhaenys and the small Aegon, to Rhaegar.

During the Robert Baratheon's rebellion, however, while in the meantime Doran Martell was officially become Sunspear's Lord and Prince of Dorne, the Lineage Targaryen was destroyed, and Elia Martell, in how much the Prince's Rhaegar wife and mother of his children, were brutally killed, with her children. With her all the last ramparts of the Lineage Targaryens fell.

King Aerys was murdered by ser Jaime Lannister and Rhaegar Targaryen was killed in a battle to field opened by same Robert Baratheon. Only Viserys Targaryen, smaller child of Aerys and Daenerys, his sister, been born on the Rock of the Dragon in the most critical moments of the rebellion and then run away, they remained in life, of the ancient Dynasty.

The Elia and her chlidren's murder's instigated the horror of the whole Dorne, in particular way of the smaller brother of Doran and Elia, Oberyn Martell, Prince and respected and feared warrior but with a dark fame that earned him the nickname of "Red Viper."

He tried to push the prince Doran to lift the banners of war in the King Viserys name, but this never happened.




In the bloody war ser Lewyn Martell of the Real Watch and the new King Robert Baratheon's First Knight had also been killed, bringing the corpse of the noble and strong rider to Sunspear, he succeeded in convincing Doran not to take back that war with unknown motivations.

This action probably saved a lot of other lives from the death, but it certainly attracted to Doran a great hate from Dornish population and from his same brother Oberyn. Political and strategist more than fighting, Doran Martell was always usual to say that the silence is the Prince best friend.

The words are as arrows, once you launch, you cannot return back. For this it always needs to think and to meditate, whether to rashly act. The Dorne's state returned therefore to live in the peace with its prince Doran Martell, even if the bad lucks for the lineage Martell, and above all for Doran, they were not ended.

Not even fifty years old, the prince contracted a heavy form of gout, that he forced him to appear in public the less possible, and then to move from Sunspear to the calm ones and relaxants Water's Garden to a summer residence. Nobody is able to say as this illness Doran Martell has changed.

The Prince is now forced to always travel on a slow stretcher, and to spend the days sat on an ebony chair built him by his Master, Caleotte.

His physicist is visibly deformed by the illness. But however gout and old he is, Dorne always has a Prince, strong to the command.










Arianne Martell is the first Sunspear's Lord daughter, the prince Doran Martell, and as such, she is also heir of the Dornishes capital.

Known it is in fact as in the annexation to the Seven Kingdoms, king Daeron II Targaryen has granted to the Dorne to keep on using its own laws and its own traditions without being forced to assume those that the Targaryens had imposed to the other conquered earths. I

n the Dorne, the woman had never been secondary, from the times of the legendary shows up of Nymeria, Royne's queen, that came in the Dorne with ten thousands ships from the east, fiercely fighting but finally uniting herself in marriage with a Martell and establishing herself in the Seven Kingdom's. In the Dorne, therefore, also the women can be heiresses of titles, mindful note of Queen Nymeria, and must not be climb over even from other smaller males in comparison to them, as understands in the whole rest of the Seven Kingdoms instead.

Arianne Martell, young, few more than a child, has taken all from her mother, Mellario of Norvos. Small of stature, dress always with thin dresses of flowing violet and yellow silk, under which however a busty and sensual body conceals. Hair that is a fall of black braids as the ink, long up to the backs, hand around the forehead a chain of copper solos, in how much the gilded sun is the symbol of its noble Lineage, from the dark skin, Arianne has not followed to the Water's Garden her father Doran when this left Sunspear remaining in the capital.

Here, as hereditary princess, is treated with all the due honours and respects, but she doesn't deal her with the politics of the kingdom yet, since held too much youth by the prince Doran, that keeps on managing his kingdom.

Despite everything, since small, from good future Sunspear's princess, Arianne Martell very attentively listens always to the teachings of command that her father Doran allows her. A

nd it seems that that more to her father it is to heart that his daughter understands both that of the prudence. Because the words are as arrows.

Once you launch, they don't return back.









She's the sister of the Dorne's' Prince, Doran and Oberyn Martell.

Their mother and lady Joanna Lannister, wife of lord Tywin had been friends, that plotted two marriages, one between Elia and Jaime, the other between Oberyn and Cersei. But Joanna dies of birth, giving Tyrion to the light, and Lady Martell decides to propose the project of marriage to Tywin among the two lineages, Martell and Lannister, but Tywin refuses with decision, and he offers Tyrion as bridegroom of Elia, since Lady Martell offends him; he will give then in bride Elia to Rhaegar Targaryen, crown prince.

Elia will give birth to Rhaenys and Aegon to the Dragon Stone. After the Battle of the Bells, King Aerys Targaryen, holds in hostage Elia to threaten the Martell and make commander Lewyn Martell of the Real Watch and uncle of the Princess, that he drives the Dornishes in battle.






Oberyn Martell, Doran and Elia Martell's brother, is the third-born Prince of Dorne.

From the dug face, saturnine, from the thin arched eyebrows on great black and vivid eyes as puddles of oil and coal, as soon as some silvery thread interrupts the compactness of its shining black hair, which they have started to recede its forehead, forming a peak of widow sharpened how much the same nose of the prince Oberyn.

These features don't do to underline his affiliation at the "Dorniani del Sale." They existed in fact three types of Dornish as the rash First king Daeron Targaryen, called the Young dragon, he had observed a lot of time in his war of conquest of the Dorne before.

There were note the dornish of the salt, that they lived along the coasts, the dornish of the sand, tenants of the deserts and the long river valleys, and finally, the dornish of the rock, whose dominion was the footsteps and the Red Mountains heights. The dornish of the salt were and they are those in whose veins flow blood of Rhoyne, the ancient kingdom of Nymeria, legendary warlike queen that even more time back of the conquest Targaryen had conquered the Dorne.

Oberyn Martell is perhaps the most beloved man from everything the people of Dorne. His dark past reputation, instead that the population to upset, makes him only love even more. When he was not sixteen years old yet, the prince Oberyn had been open in bed with the concubine of the higher lord Yronwood, a giant from the threatening notoriety and from the bad character.

It came out from there a duel. Considering the young age and the tall lineage of the prince, it was an alone duel to the first blood. Both the men received wounds and the honour it got therefore satisfaction.

The prince Oberyn quickly recovered. For against, the wounds of lord Yronwood infected him bringing him to the death. Subsequently, he whispered that Oberyn had fought with a sword sprinkled of poison.

And from that moment, friends and enemies they nicknamed him "Red Viper." But the tenebrous Dorne's Prince legend didn't end certain here.

Oberyn Martell had travelled for a long time in the free cities, learning the art of the poisons and perhaps, to lend listening to certain gossips, also darker arts. He had studied to the Citadel, succeeding in forging six rings of the chain of Master, up to when that education had simply come him to boredom.

He had been soldier in the Earths it Contended beyond the Narrow sea, riding for a period in the Second Children's ranks, one of the most famous companies of fortune of those regions, before forming a proper of it His tournaments, his battles, his duels, his horses, always rigorously black stallions like the sin from the mane and from the red tail as the fire, his luxury... it was said that he fornicated both with women and with men, disseminating bastard daughters to the four Dornes angles. "The Snakes of the Sands", so it was called his female progeny.

These are eight, been born by different mothers of different rank. Some daughters of his were born from septe, others from noble women as others still from prostitutes. Obara, Nymeria, Tyene, Sarella, Elia, Obella, Dorea and Loreza, these are their names.

And then, naturally, Oberyn Martell had forever crippled Willas Tyrell, the Highgarden's heir, in a tournament clash, subsequently intensifying the tensions among the two Lineages Martell and Tyrell.

He had assisted impotent to his sister Elia and her children killing, in the Kings Landing sack, happened seventeen years ago. Since then, Oberyn Martell attends and shouts revenge, revenge for the assassin of such a beloved sister, a murder that he murmurs to have been finished from ser Gregor Clegane, the Mountain that rides, knight at the lord Tywin Lannister service.

He has not found anymore since then peace. During the war of conquest of the Iron Throne from the well lord Robert Baratheon of Storm’s End, after the Elia killing and the end of king Aerys II Targaryen, Oberyn Martell premised with strength on Doran Martell, the prince his brother, first-born, therefore Dorne's Lord, because he lifted the banners in King Viserys name, last child male remained in life of Aerys, run away to Braavos to avenge Elia.

This attack of anger however it was appeased by the new king Robert Baratheon's First Knight, lord Jon Arryn, that personally went him to Sunspear, the Dorne's Capital, bringing with if' the prince's dead body Lewyn Martell, of the Aerys Real Watch, dead fighting under king Targaryen's lines. Somehow, Jon Arryn succeeded in convincing Doran Martell not to lift the banners and to remain in peace.

And this peace didn't do anything else other than to increase the anger and the hunger of revenge from the prince Oberyn Martell. Skilled fighter, both to horse and with the sword, its true strength is however the fight with the lance, the weapon more used and famous in the whole Dorne.






Obara Sand is the first one and the greatest of the numerous illegitimate daughters of Oberyn Martell.

And she is before the so-called ones "Snakes of the Sands", exclusively Oberyn's progeny. For a long time trained to the fight, almost in honour to her father, she has become an excellent lancer. Good horsewoman, Obara always chooses stallions for her rides, and also in this she is similar to her father.

Many say that she is able to tame any horse in the Dorne... besides any man. Falcades give long and rapidses, as if same pursuing something that will never succeed in reaching, from the expression of stone against who doesn't gratify her, from the strong skeleton, on the about thirty, the brought closer eyes and black as the coal taken by her father and the hair grey colour, those taken by her mother, a prostitute of Old City, under the cloak of raw silk, variegated of grey dark colour and gold, she wears a horse estate of brown leather, softened by the use.

When she travels for the Dorne's desert, Obara always brings with herself a whip rolled up beside, and on the wrong side on the back she brings a round shield of steel and copper, over obviously to her believer launches. Very definite and at times hot tempered, it is said that not as soon as the prince Oberyn Martell had known that that prostitute with which she had relationships had given birth to a daughter, he immediately directed to her to see the small one.

Then he insisted for picking up her daughter as his. The mother of Obara protested, saying that she had so many relationships with so many men, she was almost impossible that her daughter was his. Oberyn Martell threw a backhander to the woman, under the small Obara eyes , and in front of her he left his lance.

"Males or females that we are, the gods allow us to choose our weapons", it is how much Oberyn told then the mother of Obara, that shedded tears from the pain. The prince pointed out to the small one the tears of her mother before, then his lance, and the child finally lengthened the small hand on the lance. This been worth as decisive clue for the prince Oberyn.

His daughter was certainly his. Obara assumed therefore the name of Sand, really of the Dorne natural children , while her mother killed herself in the alcohol, crying.




Nymeria Sand is the second Oberyn Martell natural daughter, the second of the so-called ones "Snakes of the Sands", female exclusively Oberyn progeny.

The graces Nymeria Sand, twenty-five years, slender as a willow but very attractive in her dresses lilac, she had taken back from her father the black and smooth hair, tied up in an only braid with a thread of red gold, besides his proverbial joining to point of lance on the forehead.

And also the eyes of Nymeria are black and dark as those of Oberyn. Tall cheekbones, full lips and white complexion as the snow, Nymeria possesses the whole charm that the greatest sister Obara misses.

But if the mother of Obara were a prostitute of Old City, contrarily the Nymeria's mother was a noble from the pure Volantis blood.

Decided in the ways, but in mellifluous and velvety way, from the sharp language, she knows how to conceal very well all of her feelings, revealing herself an insidious adversary.  





Tyene Sand is the third natural daughter of the prince Oberyn Martell, the third one of the so-called ones "Snakes of the Sands", female Oberyn exclusively progeny.

Who knows her, he cannot avoid to notice as of aspect couples innocent, pure and candid as a virgin. From the gilded hair and with the eyes that are blue lakes dark... but what however somehow for intensity they remember those some prince Oberyn, from the kind voice as mature strawberries, her mother had been a sept.

Almost wound by a sense of ultra mundane innocence, Tyene Sand is not in so weak reality of spirit. Definite and ready to everything, Tyene unites the Nymeria's thinness to the Obara's violence, not letting her father absolutely disfiguring.


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