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Characters Lannister
Written by Axl   
marted́, 12 luglio 2011





Casterly Rock's Lord and West Protector, thanks to his merciless and implacable character he has made his lineage the richest and one of the most powerful of the Westeros.

An example of his cruelty is remembered through the song " The Castamere rains", in which as Tywin is narrated, not yet taken over to his father, he made to slaughter two whole lineages, the Reyneses of Castamere and the Tarbecks of Tarbeck Hall, guilty of betrayal.

Also for these qualities he became King Aerys II First Knight, and he was reigning for twenty years. In this period people had believed that the wealth brought to the kingdom was above all worth of Tywin and king Aerys, that the possibility of a coup d'état feared, he let named the young Jaime Lannister as Knight of the Real Watch , preventing to become him the heir of his father and holding him in virtual hostage.

Tywin Lannister, raged, abandoned the position of King's First Knight and he ran away with his daughter Cersei to Casterly Rock. He was, in every case, the only Aerys First Knight to leave the unharmed charge.

To the burst of the revolt led by Robert Baratheon against the Targaryens, initially he maintained neutral, not answering to the Aerys applications of help, then stirred, bringing the siege to King's Landing with twentythousands men. His plan was to take the throne, but Eddard Stark has arrived with his troopers from Riverrun more earlier than he excpected, so he left the pass to Robert Baratheon.

During the siege, he ordered to Gregor Clegane to kill the newborns children of the Prince Rhaegar and their mother Elia Martell, so that to extinguish the whole descent Targaryen, but he made him escape the other children of Aerys, Viserys and Daenerys. Not succeeding in getting the power for himself, definite to give his daughter Cersei in wife to the new king, Robert Baratheon.

Lord Tywin feels a great affection for his two first children, while he is despising Tyrion since he holds him responsible of the disappearance of the beloved wife Joanna, dead in to give his third child to the light. Currently, lord Tywin is fiftyfive old, but nobody objects when he is said that he maintain the vigour of a twenty-year old.

Long legs, ample shoulders, flat abdomen, thin arms that is an interlacement of muscles, and when his thick head of blonde hair had started to become less frequent, he had ordered, without half measures, to make himself trim to zero the head, anymore the chin and the superior lip, but he was made to leave the sideburns. He has green eyes with gilded veins.

Once, a rash too minstrel had said for joke that even the excrements of Tywin would have been veined of gold. It said that that minstrel was still alive, in the Casterly Rock's bowel.











Smaller brother of Lord Tywin Lannister, is married with Lady Dorna Swyft. He has four children: Lancel the first-born, Willem and Martyn (two twins) and Janei, two years old.

He's more lower and slender than his brother, even though maintains the Lannister's features, as the green eyes. Perpetually darkened by the Lord Tywin's shade is his right arm for a long time. He's calm and reflexive, and as difference of his brother, seems until too much comprehensive and cautious for a Lannister.








Tall and strong, with the thick hair colour sand-blasts and the green eyes of the Lannisters, even if he' s only still a boy, is already full of the famous conceitedness and arrogance of his lineage, and from the almost complete absence of the sense of the humour.

First-born of ser Kevan Lannister and his wife Dorna Swyft, is the King Robert Baratheon's squire. Unlike his father doesn't love to be in the shade, he has always had good potentialities to become a knight, he must attend only the opportune moment. And the Lannister's blood seems not to miss of opportunism.








She's a woman that has turned the juvenile forms into a notable abundance in to advance some age, so much to be been difficult to embrace. From the round face and from the taurine neck, very fat and from the enormous breast, she's blonde as all the Lannisters.

She has an energetic and gruff character, which induces her to the sincerity and the purity in to express what she thinks as well as to intervene in the discussions that it holds important, in beard to the custom that would want the dames expelled by the councils of the lords their husbands. When she was still a girl she has gone to bride to Emmon Frey, second-born child of Lord Walder Frey, union that then it made to rage Tywin Lannister, still few more than a child.









Lord Tywin Lannister's first born, and twin of Cersei, the Westeros Queen, Jaime didn't hesitate to also abdicate the title of Castelry Rock's heir to undertake the walk of the warrior.

He chose, in fact, to belong to the "White Guard", or the king Aerys Targaryen's Real Watch, that didn't hesitate to betray and to kill during a smut organized on wide staircase by the Baratheons and their allies (Stark in primis), earning himself the “Kingslayer" nickname Jaime, a character among the most controversial and fascinating, is very beautiful, to the point to almost be resulted a vision; blond, the skin burnt by the sun, with deep metallic eyes, fierce, but able to love.

He's a cynic, disdainful of the rules and of his same life, brave as who doesn't have anything to lose and everything for which to fight, as if there was not tomorrow for him. He's raging, passionate, morbid, sarcastic.

A knight with the heart of a hero, grown to the hell, forced to become a demon to survive. Crafty, stubborn...but hopelessly romantic...despite everything, despite everybody.





Lord Tywin and Lady Joanna’s daughter, Cersei Lannister is Jaime’s Sister, her twin, and she is also Tyrion’s sister, the sprite.

The main characteristic of this young lady is the burst beauty. In fact, the look of Cersei, besides like that of her brother twin, is extraordinarily attractive and graceful. But, From her features doesn’t appear a solar warmth but the perfect harsh ice. Cersei is a rose from the frightful beauty, but from the sharps thorns. Her fair hair is long and thick as it is suitable for house Lannister.

Cersei is the King Robert Baratheon’s wife and so the queen of the Seven kingdoms. The rumours that go round on her are many and few of this are flattering: On the other hand her frigidity, cruelty and haughty sure don’t assure sympathy to people, who doesn’t miss a chance to create gossips partly confirmed.

Of course the marriage with Robert is at least no typical. In fact the two personalities are most different. Robert is the typical warrior, foul-mouthed and who likes going to giving party, anxious to attempt the shooting party, tournaments activities more practical than thoughtful. From their marriage were born three children: the eldest, Joffrey ,thirteen years old, the favourite of his mother, from whom it seems he had inherited besides features also the harsh character, the young Myrcella and the little Tommen, still children.





Third Lord Tywin's son, Casterly Rock's Lord and his wife Joanna Lannister, that dies in to give him to the light, Tyrion is born deformed and low of stature unlike his great brothers, the twin Jaime and Cersei.

It says that to his birth the nurse thought that he was a monster, even of human features. The constant comparison with the greatest brother and the done possession to die his mother, alienates much earlier to Tyrion the likings of his father Tywin, which, monolithic man, cold and merciless man was very united to his own wife, as well as cousin.

Since the first infancy and still more in youth, he makes him evident the difference between Jaime and Tyrion, the one lending physically he seems, been born on purpose for fighting, the other "deformed", that doesn't get even the respect of his submitted and, for more, he prefers to bathe in the reading, rather than to brandish a sword.

While the first one decides to totally embrace the military career, entering the Real Watch, and abdicating this way at wedding and heir (with great Lord Tywin dolour), the second is almost kept hidden in the Castelry Rock's recesses , almost an unforgivable shame of this noble and proud family, among the most influential in the Westeros.

Tyrion, however, despite all the possible impediments, receives an education and a suitable training to a young noble.

Curious it is the episode of his "marriage": Tyrion, in fact, very young and convinced to have found a woman that finally loved him for what was, definite to marry her, really in love of this creature. The everything resolved him with a terrible punishment from Lord Tywin that it annulled the marriage and put to the gogna the young girl in how much vulgar slut recruited by Jaime to give to like to the young Tyrion, not certain to marry him. A lot of others were the humiliations that Tyrion owed suffer during the life, it doesn't complete the fact to universally be known to everybody as "Dwarf" or "Elf." Other sorrow that Tyrion suffered from his father Tywin, is his unbridled love for the beautiful young girl. In fact he doesn't make him some scruple to attend brothels, regardless of the good name of his Lineage and still more than the marmoreal honour of his father Tywin.

At the beginning of the saga, however, Martin presents us with a Tyrion already an adult, now known to his deformity, and awkward son cadet of the Lannister’s House. But is now putting on display his passion for historical and political books, especially if old. Also the author immediately notice the intelligence, cunning, the perspicacity and no less importantly, the irony (even self) that are equipped with this very complex character who, despite the anti-par excellence, with the his charisma makes sure the sympathy and support of most readers.









The first-born of Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister, he is the heir to the throne of the Seven Kingdoms.

He is a twelve years old boy, who, not much beloved from his father and vitiated to his mother, he had developed a haughty and touchy character. In this, besides the physical characteristics, he remembers more the Aunt Jaime than his father.

Besides Joffrey has fleshy lips that perhaps they may appear also attractive for some women, but that they are also the origin of his most used bad nickname: “lips of worm”.







She is eight years old and, like her brothers, she emphasize from the outside the typical characteristics of Lannister, or green eyes and fair hair.






He his a seven years old child, plump, that he looks like his mother, from fair hair and green eyes, but from a gentle and quiet character.








Ser Stafford Lannister's son, cousin and at the same time the brother-in-law of Lord Tywin, cause Stafford is the Joanna's brother, the dead wife of the Casterly Rock's Lord.

A ruffled hair, two imposing favourite, a thick beard and some imposing moustaches of the characteristic gilded blond of the Lannisters frame the two marvellous eyes from the violet reflexes and the flat-nosed nose of this character.



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