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Characters Baratheon
Written by Axl   
luned́, 16 novembre 2009



The eldest than children of Lord Steffon, Robert was one of the biggest warriors in the Seven Kingdoms.

After death of father, Robert was brought up by Jon Arryn to Eyrie, together with Eddard Stark, who becomes soon for the two a second father.

Beautiful, tall, muscular, from hair as black as coal and from blue eyes, Robert was promising to Lyanna Stark, Eddard’s sister. But when she is carried away by Rhaegar Targaryen, the Crown Prince of the Iron Throne, Robert, Ned, Jon and many other lords take to the field to wash shame with blood. A bloody battle arises from there, which finishes with duel between the two rivals near the Trident. Robert, equipped of the terrible hobnailed club, gets better of the enemy, who is killed, but the price of victory is the Lyanna life, that his brother Ned finds dying now. After death of the King Aerys Targaryen from Jaime Lannister, and after the sack of king’s Landing from Lord Tywin men, Robert is proclaimed the King and he gets married the daughter of Casterly Rock , Cersei Lannister.

The peace has been going on for many years, during which Robert devotes himself to the wine, to the shooting party but especially to the women. In fact, besides his three children had by Cersei the King scatters half a dozen of natural children, and all of them are just like their father.






Second son of family Baratheon, Stannis is exactly opposed to his brother Robert.

He hasn’t got the same physical and character features of him, but in his own way he is a man of honour, as cold as stone, he is just to his friends, but he is cruel to enemies, and besides he is a clever military leader and strategist.

During the war against the king Aerys II, Stannis had got Storm’s End, the seat of Baratheon, from the attack of Mace Tyrell, the lord of High Garden , at the time entered into an alliance with Targaryen. Stannis resisted for a year, living on roots and rats with all his men, until ser Davos, at the time smuggler, was able to get into the nets of the enemies with a ship full of onions, so he was created knight by Stannis. Then the siege was raised from Eddard Stark, who arrived at Storm’s End to communicate the end of the war, the death of Aerys and the Robert coronation.

Member of the narrow council of the King, Lord Stannis becomes prince of Dragon Stone, an ancient seat of the heir to the Targaryen throne.





The Stannis Baratheon’s wife, the lord of Dragon Stone, is as tall as her husband, slim in the body and the face, with large prominent ears, with hocked nose and a little visible sign of down on the lower lip. She has the lifeless eyes, the hard mouth and a whip voice. She is entirely dominated by the red priestess Melisandre and she is terribly ambitious.










The Lord Stannis and Lady Selyse’s daughter is an unluckily ten years old child, shy and sad, and she hasn’t a pretty face: she has the squared jaw like her father and unluckily ears like her mother, that they are added to further deformity, heritage of a bad illness contracted when she was still child, that for a moment the life wasn’t losing to her, and that it had left her disfigured. For half of one of her cheeks and downwards, up to the neck, her skin is rigid and died, the epidermis is capped, scaled, covered with black and grey spots and it seems to touch the stone to the dippy one.







Renly is the youngest than three brothers, who, in the time of the war against the King Aerys, was only a child.

He is one of the peoples favourites, because, for his charm and grace, he remembers the king Robert when he was young. In fact unlike Stannis, Renly is the copy of his older brother: Tall, black hair and blue eyes. He sits in the narrow council and he is lord of Storm’s End, in spite of the Stronghold belongs to Stannis by right.










Lord Tywin and Lady Joanna’s daughter, Cersei Lannister is Jaime’s Sister, her twin, and she is also Tyrion’s sister, the sprite.

The main characteristic of this young lady is the burst beauty. In fact, the look of Cersei, besides like that of her brother twin, is extraordinarily attractive and graceful. But, From her features doesn’t appear a solar warmth but the perfect harsh ice. Cersei is a rose from the frightful beauty, but from the sharps thorns. Her fair hair is long and thick as it is suitable for house Lannister.

Cersei is the King Robert Baratheon’s wife and so the queen of the Seven kingdoms. The rumours that go round on her are many and few of this are flattering: On the other hand her frigidity, cruelty and haughty sure don’t assure sympathy to people, who doesn’t miss a chance to create gossips partly confirmed.

Of course the marriage with Robert is at least no typical. In fact the two personalities are most different. Robert is the typical warrior, foul-mouthed and who likes going to giving party, anxious to attempt the shooting party, tournaments activities more practical than thoughtful. From their marriage were born three children: the eldest, Joffrey ,thirteen years old, the favourite of his mother, from whom it seems he had inherited besides features also the harsh character, the young Myrcella and the little Tommen, still children.







The first-born of Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister, he is the heir to the throne of the Seven Kingdoms.

He is a twelve years old boy, who, not much beloved from his father and vitiated to his mother, he had developed a haughty and touchy character. In this, besides the physical characteristics, he remembers more the Aunt Jaime than his father.

Besides Joffrey has fleshy lips that perhaps they may appear also attractive for some women, but that they are also the origin of his most used bad nickname: “lips of worm”.







She is eight years old and, like her brothers, she emphasize from the outside the typical characteristics of Lannister, or green eyes and fair hair.






He his a seven years old child, plump, that he looks like his mother, from fair hair and green eyes, but from a gentle and quiet character.

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