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The Vale
giovedý, 15 maggio 2014
THE VALE OFF ARRYN THE PLACES ARE ORDERED FROM NORTH TO SOUTH THE THREE SISTERS They are an archipelago in the Narrow Sea.    ... Read more...
giovedý, 14 febbraio 2013
DORNE PLACES ARE FROM NORTH TO SOUTH Dorne is the southernmost land of Westeros and the less populated region of the Seven Kingdom (as... Read more...
giovedý, 14 febbraio 2013
RIVER LANDS THE TWINS   It is the castle of the House Frey. For six hundred years the Freys have held the Trident's Ford, without... Read more...
Storm Lands
giovedý, 27 dicembre 2012
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The Reach
mercoledý, 04 giugno 2008
THE REACH THE PLACES ARE ORDERED FROM NORTH TO SOUTH ASHFORD Here lord Mace Tyrell won his only battle, against Robert Baratheon, rebel at... Read more...
King's Lands
mercoledý, 04 giugno 2008
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mercoledý, 04 giugno 2008
WEST THE PLACES ARE ORDERED FROM NORTH TO SOUTH   THE CRAG It is the seat of the house Westerling. It is not far from Casterly Rock.... Read more...
The Iron Islands
mercoledý, 04 giugno 2008
THE IRON ISLANDS   The Iron Islands are a group of islands, whose capital city is Pyke, property of House Greyjoy. Their ships are... Read more...
mercoledý, 04 giugno 2008
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The Reach
Written by Axl   
mercoledý, 04 giugno 2008




Here lord Mace Tyrell won his only battle, against Robert Baratheon, rebel at that time. In reality, however, when he reached the battlefield, the victory was already largely conquered by the vanguard of lord Randyll Tarly.




Rowan's castle.




It is the castle of Merryweather house.

At one time its lands were much more extensive than now.




It’s the stronghold of Oakheart family.



This is a wide, lazy, slow and treacherous river, with submerged risks and sandbanks. Most of the vessels of high sea do not dare to sail over High Garden, but the long ships with their low draft can ascend until the height of Bitter Bridge. In ancient times, the Iron Men had audaciously crossed the river to raid its shores and those of its tributaries, until the Kings of the Reach had armed the population of fishermen in the islands near the mouth of the river, naming their Shields. 


These islands are so called because, for their geographical position, they protect the course of the river Mander and the lands that are wet.

In these islands are located a series of observation towers that s pillage the lands of the Reach. I

f the islands should fall into enemy hands, it would erve as lookouts against the arrival of the raider that generally came from sea, to be possible to trace undisturbed the course of the river and threaten directly High Garden, the capital of domains Tyrell.

The four islands that constitute the archipelago are: Gray Shield, Oak Shield, Shield of the South and Green Shield.

Oak Shield is the feud of Lord Hewet. His residence is a small but mighty castle with thick walls and oak portals bristly with iron spikes. To the feet of the castle is rise a small port, about half the size of Lordsport.




It is the castle of Tyrell family.

It is rich in sweet fruits and fields of roses in bloom.

It is said that there are fountains and groves, shady courtyards and colonnades of marble.




It is the feud of Tarly house.

It is found in the hinterland, between hills covered by dense forests, placed at south of High Garden.

Lord Randyll is the more skillful commander of the South. Not for nothing he leads the vanguard of the Mace Tyrell’s army in battle.





It is the castle of Florent, the family of the Reach that most of all, aspires to the dominion of Tyrell.





Situated on the mouth of the Honeywine river, it is the most ancient and important city of the Seven Kingdoms. Its dominoes belong to the house Hightower.

Lord Leyton Hightower is the protector of the city and he is also called as "Voice of Old Town" and "Lord of the Harbor".

Unlike King’s Landing that is built with wood, mud and wicker frame, Old Town is completely formed with stone buildings, surrounded by a labyrinth of cobbled paving roads. Every morning the arrival of the first rays of the sun, is greeted by the bells of the temples devoted to the cult of the Seven Gods.

These are: the Sailor's Sept near the harbor, the Lord's Sept, the Seven Shrines, and finally the Starry Sept, ancient center of the High Septons before the burst of the wars of Conquest. Also the Red Priests have their own small temple near the harbor and from there, they raise songs and prayers to rise of the sun. At the center of the river, inside a small island, stands a wooden building known as the "Quill & Tankard". In six hundred years of activity, this inn has never closed its doors for trade, selling beer, wine and a particularly strong cider to its numerous clients.

A little anymore towards valley, following the flow of the current, we come near the mouth of the river and near the harbor of the city. In this position built on the cliffs of the Battle Island stands the Hightower, a colossal and tall tower, on whose top has been built a lighthouse. From its position, the Hightower’s shadow extends itself on the city in similar way to a dark sword. Who was born in Old Town it is able to understand the time of the day in base to where that shade is projected. It is said that from its summit you can see up to the Wall, the huge barrier of ice in the extreme north of the Seven Kingdoms.

Also the Citadel is enclosed among the city wall of Old Town. Its doors are flanked by two enormous green sphinxes with lion bodies, wings of eagle and tails of snake. One however it has the head of man, while the other of woman.

Overcome the portal, the road forks under the imposing statue of king Daeron I, in saddle to its steed, with the sword raised toward the Dorne. Numerous are the buildings that compose the Citadel. Here in fact, are trained the Masters who are sent then to all the castles of the realm.

Every Master that has studied at the Citadel, forge a chain of various metals in base to the subjects that he has learned during his endless studies. There are many fields of knowledge that are studied in this place, but there are truths that are not revealed. From here, a white raven announces the end of the summer.





It’s an island, feud of Redwyne house.

From here, according to many, come the best dry red wine of the world; in the Seven Kingdoms, only the wine of Dorne may rival with Arbor.



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