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The Vale
giovedý, 15 maggio 2014
THE VALE OFF ARRYN THE PLACES ARE ORDERED FROM NORTH TO SOUTH THE THREE SISTERS They are an archipelago in the Narrow Sea.    ... Read more...
giovedý, 14 febbraio 2013
DORNE PLACES ARE FROM NORTH TO SOUTH Dorne is the southernmost land of Westeros and the less populated region of the Seven Kingdom (as... Read more...
giovedý, 14 febbraio 2013
RIVER LANDS THE TWINS   It is the castle of the House Frey. For six hundred years the Freys have held the Trident's Ford, without... Read more...
Storm Lands
giovedý, 27 dicembre 2012
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The Reach
mercoledý, 04 giugno 2008
THE REACH THE PLACES ARE ORDERED FROM NORTH TO SOUTH ASHFORD Here lord Mace Tyrell won his only battle, against Robert Baratheon, rebel at... Read more...
King's Lands
mercoledý, 04 giugno 2008
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mercoledý, 04 giugno 2008
WEST THE PLACES ARE ORDERED FROM NORTH TO SOUTH   THE CRAG It is the seat of the house Westerling. It is not far from Casterly Rock.... Read more...
The Iron Islands
mercoledý, 04 giugno 2008
THE IRON ISLANDS   The Iron Islands are a group of islands, whose capital city is Pyke, property of House Greyjoy. Their ships are... Read more...
mercoledý, 04 giugno 2008
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The Vale
Written by Axl   
giovedý, 15 maggio 2014




They are an archipelago in the Narrow Sea.




They are a rocky promontory that extend themselves into Eastern Ocean.

An estate of the Fingers belongs to the Baelish family.

They have cliffs beaten by the wind. It is said that are a gloomy place, but also a beautiful place, only if you happen to be a stone.




These are a few acres of stony ground and beaten by the wind on the coast of one of the promontories of the Fingers.

Around at the small tower there is a disconsolate and desolate atmosphere.

It has no name.

Inside, the tower seems even smaller than externally. A stone staircase go round to the inner wall, from ground floor to the roof. Each floor consists of one room. The servants live and sleep in the kitchen, on the ground floor, dividing the space with a mastiff and a half dozen of sheep dogs. Above the kitchen there is a small atrium, and higher still a bedroom. There are no windows, but loopholes at intervals along the turn of the stairs. Above the fireplace there is a long broken sword and an abused oak shield, with a picture scraped and ruined.

Close to the tower, there is a place where from a hole the tide sprays out to thirty feet up in the air, and another where someone has chiseled the seven-pointed star of the new gods on a rock; this place was used to mark the boundaries of the Andals domain.





They are the mountains that surround the Vale of Arryn, where various barbarian tribes have found their hiding place.

At east in the territory of Arryn, they contain shadow panthers and mountain clans with lawless bandits.

The Gates of the Moon open the way for the Eyrie.

His clan believe that the voice of each man should be heard in council, for this reason they discuss all things indefinitely; according to many, perhaps, just for this motive have passed centuries from their last serious threat to the Vale of Arryn.





The Vale of Arryn is rough, narrow and stony. It has high hills with wild slopes, snow-covered mountains inhabited by shadow panthers and clan of bandits.

It is a quiet land, fertile with black soil. It has vast and slow rivers, thousands of small lakes, wheat and barley and succulent fruits. The Vale narrows to the west.

Giant’s Lance is the jagged peak that looks all the other mountains from up to down.

When the sun rises there, the sky to the east burns in a kaleidoscope of pink and gold.

Alyssa’s Tears is the name of a ghost river. Its waters jump down to the Giant’s Lance. They are so called from Alyssa Arryn, that six thousand years before she saw the killing of her husband, her brothers and all her children, without ever paying a tear. It is said that for this after her death, the gods have decreed that her tears should ever fall to wet the earth of the Vale, where are buried the men that she have loved.





It is located in the highest hills, before reaching the high road from the rivers zone. It is a small isolated village surrounded by gray-green sentries and high blue pines. Around their houses, the countrymen are building a wooden palisade.




The Eyrie is located at north of Alyssa’s Tears. It is the castle from which the Arryn dominate the Vale. Thanks to its strategic location, is considered an impregnable fortress, indeed it was never taken.

It is a small fortress, nevertheless it has a large barn like the one of Winterfell.

The Eyrie has seven, white, small and stored towers, that are similar to white blades stuck in the belly of the sky, so highest that you can see over the clouds. These towers can accommodate 500 men.

The quarters of Lysa Arryn are open on to a small garden, a circle of grassy ground from which sprout blue flowers, surrounded on all sides by tall towers of white stone. In the intentions of the manufacturers, this garden should have to be the Godswood, but the castle is located on the tough rock of the mountain: for how much fertile ground have since moved up from the Vale, no weirwood has never been able to get roots. To compensate this lack, the lords of the Eyrie have planted grass, flowers and low bushes, among which some statues are been then disseminated. Exactly in the middle of the garden stands a statue of Alyssa Arryn, with the face corroded full of tears. Its halls are white and cold. The Great hall is long and austere, with walls of white marble blue veined of a glacial coldness.

Its throne is made of white iron-wood. A wooden platform was built to heighten the seats of Lord Robert.

The Moon Doors are opened into the abyss.

The prisons of the Eyrie are the only in the Seven Kingdoms exposed to the open air. The only way to escape, though, is to jump into the void.

There are three intermediate forts to get to the Eyrie, one more impregnable and narrow of the other: Sky, Stone and Snow.

The Eyrie is located on the vertical of Sky, from there the supplies go up with the winches. This is a high half - moon wall, of raw stone, built against the side of the mountain, with rocks corroded edged by the ice. It is the last one between the three fortresses leading to the Eyrie.

Stone has massive steel rostrums that stretch out from stone walls that join themselves with a couple of stocky circular towers.

Snow, smaller, is a single fortified tower with a timber keep and a stable hidden under a wall of rough rock, placed in the side of the Giant’s Lance so as to dominate the entire trail.





It is located at the entrance of the Vale of Arryn.




It is the city and the most important port of the Vale of Arryn.



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