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lunedý, 11 giugno 2012
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Others Characters M - P
Written by Axl   
lunedý, 11 giugno 2012

Lady Melisandre


Lady Melisandre, “The Red Woman”, is a priestess of the cult of R'hllor, the God of the Light.

Arrived to Dragonstone, she spent a little time to convert to her own religion Lady Selyse Florent, wife of Lord Stannis Baratheon, and the major part of the court.

Lady Melisandre, as a priestess of the cult of R'hllor, the God of the Light, always wears red dresses, like fire. By some strange chance, or maybe by magic, Melisandre's hair are long and red too, and also the priestess' eyes appear red-fire.

She has red and fleshly lips and curvy shape, but the most curious and impressive thing of Melisandre is the necklace, in wich is set a red ruby, whom the lady wears on the throat. In fact, if you observe the ruby, you will be able to see dancing flames, a proof of the power of the God of the Light.

Every man would find Lady Melisandre an extremely attractive woman, but there is something in her that provokes fear, before attraction. Lady Melisandre has pledged her allegiance, with her witchcrafts and magics, to Stannis, convinced that is incoming the fight against the evil forces, which, in the priestess' opinion, hang over the Seven Kingdoms, bringing blood, death and... FLAMES!!!





Lady Maege Mormont

Sister of the Keepers of the night Lord Jeor Mormont has become Lady of the Island of the Bear and ensign of the House Stark after the fall in misfortune of his nephew Jorah. Of low and stumpy build is found very more ease with suits of iron sweater and leather treated that not with the most consistent suits to a lady.




Marillion is a menstrel of beautiful aspect, slightly egocentric, that in fact he very also loves to speak of himself over to compose histories and songs with his believer hand harp. From the extremely pleasant voice, that seems really at times uses in foolish way for the simple fact to listen to him, Marillion doesn't have many other merits however. Attacked wager of tournaments, he has lost all of his wealths in the Tournament in honor of the Prince Joffrey Baratheon, where he has pointed all on Jaime Lannister, defeated on a duel bye ser Loras Tyrell. For this, even if before he was a certain level menstrel that sang only in luxurious courts of great Lord, he is now forced to go around, to compose new ballads and to make some silver coin be paid for living. Besides, Marillion is also enough famous for his extreme fear for all the situations in which he risks the life, although he often looks for different adventures in which to interfere for writing a song on them.



Marq Piper

Marq Piper is a bold young warrior with a fiery spirit. A warm head, to said of some. Lord Clement's herd and good friend of Edmure Tully, are one of the Riverrun's champions.He feeds a depth hate for the Lannisters, and his vengeful spirit easily pushes him to grasp the hilt of the sword.



Archmaester Marwyn

He is called "the Magician" and to the Citadel is considered crazy person from many. In his rooms it always burns a black candle of glass. It says that it remains turned on only when there are alive dragons in the world.



Lord Mathis Rowan

Mathis Rowan is the elderly Goldengrove's Lord.He test in his seniority and brave strategist, his grey hair seems to clash on a face that still shows openly still one so great strength of mind.



Meera and Jojen Reed

Meera is the oldest daughter of Howland Reed, of Greywater Watch and of The Neck, of slender body, long brown hair and just visable breasts.

She knows how to run, how to fight and how to use the spear like a boy; there is nothing which can frighten her or make her angry, and she is more cheerful than her brother.

She's an huntress, and, according to Joien, the Gods have given to her the gift of running fast, remaining motionless, so petrified as almost vanish.

She has a very sensitive hearing, sharp eye and firm hand with the net and the spear, and she is able to breath mud and to move in the trees as she is flying.


Jojen, instead, is three years younger than his sister, he's got green eyes and, as the sister, is slender, thin as a blade.

He has "vision from The Beyond", legendary ability attributed to the Sons of the Forest. That is: he dreams visions about the future. He started to have visions after he has contracted the swamp fever and risked to die. Jojen is very solemn for being just a boy. Moreover, he proves to be careful and cautious other than stubborn.





Septon Meribald

Low rank religious who is preoccupied in travelling in order to run religious services, to celebrate marriages, to forgive sins and to help the poor inhabitants of the fetid villages, which spot the riverlands.

He's described as a tall man, beyond 1.80 m, but his curved pace makes him look shorter. He has the face burnt by the wind, a grey thatch and wrinkles in the eyes' corners.

His hands are big, and the feet long, made black by the lack of any pair of shoes from more than twenty years.

In his everlasting journey is always attended by a donkey and Dog, his dog.





Ser Meryn Trant

Knight, member of the Royal Guard of King Robert Baratheon, belonging to the House owner of Gallowsgrey.

His appointment to “white cloak” dates from the rebellion, leaded by Robert Baratheon against the Targaryens.

He too, as ser Boros, is particullary loyal to Queen Cersei.




Merrett Frey

Merrett Frey, son of lord Walder of The Twins and his wife, a Crakehall, was a big and large man, with broad shoulders and chest, even if medium-size. In the las ten yers, however, Merret is consciuos of having become soft and fat, but, when he was younger, he was nearly rugged as ser Hosteen Frey, his older brother, generrally considered the strongest of the numerous offspring of lord Walder Frey.

As a boy, when in The Twins they have noticed his physical good-looking and his ability with sword and spear, the have send him to Crakehall, to serve as a pageboy in his mother's family.When the old lord Sumner Crakehall promoted him to squire, all was sure that in a few years he would become "ser" Merret. But then, the outlaws of the Brotherhood of Kingswood destroyed those Frey boy's bright dreams of glory: while his at-that-time colleague squire, Jaime Lannister gained a lot of glory, Merret Frey first contracted gonorrhoea from a bitch, then was even captured by a woman, Wenda the White Deer. In order to get him back, lord Sumner paid the ransom, demanded by the outlaw of Kingswood who have captured him, but, only a few days after, during his first fight against the bandits who have captured him, Merrett received a club-blow who broke down his helm, letting him unconscious for almost two weeks. During this period, they all considered him, by then, like dead. Finally Merrett Frey didn't die, but his days on battlefields were over. Even the weakest blow at the head provoked him excruciating pain, making him weep, and there were cases when even weep caused him too much suffering for the situation. In such circumstances, Lord Sumner has explained to him not without politeness, becoming a knight was truly impossible. So, he was sent back to The Twins, to bear Lord Walder's poisonous contempt.

But Merret's misfortune was only begun: somehow his father managed to arrane a marriage with a daughter of lord Darry, when the Darries were in the highest favour of King Aerys II Targaryen, unlike the Freys, always ambiguous. At the end of the rebellion, leaded by Robert Baratheon, Eddard Stark and Jon Arryn, this position costed to the Darries an half of their lands, the major part of their riches and all the power they had. As for the lady his wife, even she considered Merret only a big delusion. For years he gave him only daughters – only three of them survived, because one died in childbirth and another one didn't pass the childhood – before, finally, giving him a son.

Ami, the oldest daughter of Merrett, revealed herself only a bitch, since she was catched in the stables while she was giving pleasure to three grooms at the same time. So Merret nothing could do but giving her in marriage to a knight of fortune of beautiful hopes but few abilities, Ser Pate from Bluefork, who, howevere, one day ran away with the idea of giving prominence to his name by defeating in the field Gregor Clegane. So Ami, recent widow, returned to the natal birth place, for Merret's deep discouragement, but for great joy of the grooms of The Twins.

Merret's second-born daughter, Walda, was, on the other hand, an incorrigible greedy.

In The Twins, pratically without seeing no longer anything in prospect, Merrett Frey understood that anyhow he would have to be distinguished from the others, otherwise all would forget his existence. He became a persistent drinker, in fact it was rare finding him sober, but soon he discovered that the reputation of being a persistent drinker didn't help to refine his character, although, when he was drunk, his splitting headaches didn't persecute him no longer.

Now Merrett Frey waits only any opportunity of making himself conspicuous, because lord Walder Frey will not yet live longer. And, if Merret doesn't prove himself of being essential for the House of Frey, he will probably be expelled frome home.




Mikken is a very strong and muscular man who works as a blacksmith in castle of Winterfell.

Like all the residents at Lord Eddard Stark's court, also the simple blacksmith Mikken is very bound to him, thanks to Lord Rickard Stark's second-born's habit of giving a seat by his side everytime to a different person during the dinner.

Mikken represents the typical northman: tall with black eyes and hair. Living in Winterfell, the blacksmith became very devoted also to Lord Eddard's sons, Robb, Jon, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon, becoming sometimes their playmate.

Often rough, however, he hasn't got a good reputation at Lady Catelyn Tully's eyes, because there are rumors that he sometimes directs his attention to the castle's servants...




Mya Stone

Bastard daughter, whom Robert Baratheon procreated very young, when he was Lord Jon Arryn's ward, from time immemorial she is at service of House Royce of The Gates of the Moon, where, above all, leads the mules, designed to carry people and goods to the castle of The Eyrie.

She's describet as a slender and muscular girl, with big blue eyes and jet-black hair, so short and bristly to seem to be cut by a dagger.

In performing her work, she dresses furs, coated by a silvered iron-mail.

About this character, it's curious that she likes telling that her father was a billy-goat and her mother an owl. Much probably she ignores her true origins.




Myranda Royce

Daughter of Lord Nestor Royce, protector of Bloody Gate, at the base of The Eyrie. She's a short and podgy woman, with large flanks, ample waist and blooming breasts.

The red and ronud cheeks, the little mouth and the brown eyes are framed by thick and brown curls.

She has an intrusive and direct character. Since her mother's death, she assumed the title of “lady” and look and is responsible for his father's castle.

Rumour has it that she likes pretending to be a simpleton, but that, as a matter of fact, she is a very shrewd woman.





He is a novice of the Citadel.

Is lame because he has a deformed foot. If it wasn't for that deformed leg, he would be a knight, just like his father.

Despite his slender arms, he has great strenght and rather large shoulders.





Once The old Nan has been the Stark's nanny, now legends narrator, elderly and toothless.

She reached the Winterfell castle as Brandon Stark's nurse, the greatest brother of the grandfather of Bran, and lost the two male children and her nephew in war: her only relative remained in life is Hodor, the good giant also him Winterfell's resident.

On her head don't remain but few locks of hair and the her body skin it's wrinkled and falling. Nobody is able to say how old has, but they are in many to consider her the most Seven Kingdom's elderly person.



Lord Nestor Royce

Lord Nestor Royce, tall Arryn's Valley orderly and custodian of the Doors of the moon, is the smaller brother of the strong and brave Lord Yohn Royce, says the Bronzy one.

Of the Riyce's junior branch lineage, Lord Nestor is in turn as his brother a formidable lord. With a mighty chest, Nestor is more devoted however to the diplomatic duties than Yohn, that is instead always attracted by whatever tournament can be participated.

Straight some consider him until too much serious, also seen his sober spirit in to ignore a whatever sense of the humor, if not consistent to the situation.

Very respectful therefore toward his duties, Nestor always respects them talking to the typical rough voice that unites him to his brother Yohn.



Olyvar Frey

Lord Walder Frey's son, had by the sixth wife Lady Bethany Rosby, Olyvar is a seventeen year-old boy that serves how squire.

As his blood's brother Ser Perwyn, is known for his loyalty.

Excellent in his duties, he has nevertheless the passions and the anxieties of a boy of his age.



Lord Orton Merryweather

Owen Merryweather's son, has lived with his father away from the Seven Kingdoms for a certain period of his life because of the sentence in exile suffered by his father for hand of Aerys Targaryen, the Insane King, that punished him cause he has been an inneficient First Knight.

In the Oriental Continent Orton knew his beautiful companion Taena, Myr native, become then his wife.

When King Robert Baratheon climbed to the throne he gave back to the Merryweathers the castle and part of the earths that the precedent king had forfeited and the real pardon.




Ser Osmund Kettleblack

Independent knight and lower part natives.

Man tall approximately one meter and ninety and very muscular. He has the nose to hook, the bushy eyebrows and a sharp and chestnut beard.

All these elements damage to his face a seize fierce. Ser Osmund and his two brothers are always ready to the smile and the wisecrack.

Always in good relationships with everybody, from the stablemen to the hunters; but it chats that it is with the young maids that they entertain the best relationships.




Osney Kettleblack

Arrogant air, callous hands from the great use of the sword, tall and with a great slash on a cheek provoked by a scratch of a woman that wanted to rebel to his violence.

Osney is the most attractive of the three brothers Kattleblack but the more scarcest in the sword's art, although everything anything else other than unfit.

He is part of a smaller nobility family that swore fidelity to the Lannister.





Lord Petyr Baelish

Said "Littlefinger" because of the height and for the fact that his family originates from the called promontory "The Fingers."

He is a Lord of a small castle situated on a small rocky territory on the Fingers. Whe he was young was raised as Hoster Tully's favorite, Rivverrun's Lord, where as a brother is considered for the young Tullies, Catelyn, Lysa and Edmure.

After sometime Petyr is falls in love of Catelyn, and for her he challenge, straight, his promised bridegroom, Brandon Stark, Winterfell's heir, even if Catelyn publicly grants his favors to the fiancé, also begging him to save Petyr, only defining him a fool boy.

Brandon wins the duel and Paetyr, wounded seriously and in unstable balance between the life and the death, is taken care of in a Riverrun's tower by Lysa Tully.

Lord Hoster Tully, however, learned the news, hunting Petyr, recovered once, from Riverrun.

Littlefinger comes, so, to King's Landing where after sometime he shows extraordinary dowries of skilled financier, getting the nomination of Mintage Master, with a reserved place in the King's Narrow Council.





He is an eighteen year-old boy, from five years beginner to the Citadel. Despite his efforts he has not succeeded not forging a ring of the chain of the order yet.






Patchface is the lord Stannis Baratheon' court minstrel. Soft and fat, full of winks and of tremblings, the buffoon always appears together with the princess Shireen, apparently singing senseless strophes and bringing on the head a bucket of can as if he were a helmet, to which they are tied up of the horns of buck. A dozen of ringingbell are suspended to the points of the horns and they tinkle to every footstep. The face of the youth is istoriated from the neck to the front with a red and green alternative signs. Reaches boy at court, Patchface was found by lord Steffon Baratheon to Volantis while these was at the search of a wife for the prince Rhaegar.

He had found him instead, the most phenomenal of the minstrels, and he was enthusiastic of him, to the point to be been convinced that the boy would have made to laugh even Stannis. To the epoch he was agile as a monkey and witty as a dozen of courtiers. He knew how to make makeups of acrobatics, he knew enigmas and magic makeups, he knew even how to sing softly in four different languages. Lord Steffon had bought his liberty and he had departed therefore on board of his vessel to two trees, the Pride of the Winds. The trip back was however bad from a terrible storm to the gulf of the Shipwrecked, and for days the sea get back only dead men.

The third day they found him. Naked, the livid skin, wrinkled and crusted of wet sand, the icy meat like that of a dead body. To everybody he was seemed dead, but as soon as they grabbed his ankles he started sitting salty water coughing. From that day the witty boy became a creature tried in the body and in the spirit, able hardly to speak and incapable of any keenness, if not those mysterious sentences that of frequent.




Patrek Mallister


Patrek Mallister is the Mallister's lieage heir.

He participates, with his father, to different tournaments, for how much to the height of young people is not as him, what Loras Tyrell or Balon Swann.

Patrek has also been Theon Greyjoy's companion of adventures and carousals, during one trip together, despite the secular rivalry among the families Mallister and Greyjoy.

And in fact, thePatrek's father, Lord Jason, acknowledged of the thing, has recalled his son at the order, remembring him the bad true.



Lord Paxter Redwyne

Paxter Redwyne is the Arbor's island lord.

Married with lady Mina Tyrell, Lord Mace Tyrell's sister, lord Paxter is among the greatest ensigns of the Tyrell House, further to be you also allied.

Lady Mina has given him three children: ser Horas and ser Hobber, two twins and Desmera, a fifteen year-old attractive young girl that is said has taken her beauty more from the Tyrell roses that from her Redwyne father.

Lord Paxter Redwyne is also to head of a powerful fleet, and he has also given test of great strategic dowries in the war among Targaryen and Baratheon, in which he lined up, together with Mace Tyrell, with king Aerys Targaryen.

He besieged Storm's End, the great fortitude to the time held by lord Stannis Baratheon, for months and months, together to other armies of the highland, without never succeeding in picking it up.

He surrendered and swore fidelity to king Robert Baratheon when he was reached by the news that his king Aerys had been killed, and when lord Eddard Stark reached Storm's End to breaking the siege of the Highland's lords.



Pello is a Tyroshes mercenary that has put his services to the service of the good bidder.

Man from the imposing build and lover of the female company, is called "Green Beard" because of his thick green and grey beard.



Ser Perwyn Frey

Nineteenth Lord Walder Frey's child, had by the sixth wife Lady Bethany Rosby.

Ser Perwyn is a youth and happy knight very skilled with the weapons, participate in fact to many tournaments. And' known also for his loyalty, which makes him different from many of his relatives.


Petyr Frey

Nicknamed "Pimple" for his pockmarked face, Petyr Frey is the third and last child of Ser Ryman Frey, smaller brother of Edwyn and Walder.

Although only has few more than eighteen years, Lady Mylenda Caron is gotten married to, a very more woman in age of him, that has given him a daughter, Perra, so called in honor of his great-grandmother.

Voices whisper that in truth the small one both daughter of Walder the Black, great brother of Pimple.

Petyr Frey often vague for the rivers earths looking for bitch, just as his father Ser Ryman and this call often him in the troubles.




Pyat Pree

Pyat Pree is Qarth's Republic habitant, in which he covers the important Wizard's position.

Pale in face as all the Qarth's habitants, that for this them usual pallor they have called "man-milk" from the Dothrakis, the Pyat Pree's lips are shades of blue, which is a clear symbol of its authority: in fact the revered Wizards of Qarth draw their unbelievable powers to drink a curious drink called "shadow-of-night", that used for a long time colored the lips by blue.

He dress long green tunics, also them directed to symbolize his rank of Wizard.

Pyat Pree usually speaks the guttural language dothraki, but he is also able to speak to the noble valyrian of the Free Cities.


Grand Maester Pycelle

The Gran Maester Pycelle is, as it would wait us from the King's Landing's Great Master, one among the Seven Kingdom's best healers, as well as very wise and member of the King Robert Baratheon Narrow Council.

Man from the rather advanced age, locks of candid hair sprout at the base of the bald dome that overhangs its kind face here and there.

Extremely cultured, the Maester Pycelle's necklace holds up a lot of rings, each of various different metals: the rings point out when a Master reaches a very elevated degree of experience and culture.

Nevertheless mysterious shades wind his past...



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