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Others Characters Q - Z
martedý, 07 maggio 2013
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Others Characters F - L
martedý, 07 maggio 2013
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The Heroes of Seven Kingdoms
lunedý, 11 giugno 2012
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Characters Arryn
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Others Characters F - L
Written by Axl   
martedý, 07 maggio 2013

Lady Falyse Stokeworth

First born of Lady Tanda Stokeworth, she is married with ser Balman Byrch.




Gendry is about fifteen years old. He is very tough and he has strong arms. He was called “the Bull”, thanks to his beautiful rounded helm, with an aperture in the front and a pair of great metal horns.

Extremly obstinate, he works as a blacksmith’s apprentice in a King’s Landing’s armory.



Gerold Dayne

Ser Gerold Dayne, Knight of High Hermitage and cousin and standbearer of Edric Dayne, Lord of Starfall, he is called Darkstar.

Gerold has Roman nose, high cheek-bones, volitive jaw. He has always smooth and well shaved face, and thick hair fall on the neck as a silver glacier, splitted by a black stripe. He has purple eyes, dark and raging.

He is considered one of the most dangerous man of Dorne, not only for his sword skillness, but also because he doesn't have scruples in following his aims.



Gilwood Hunter

First born son and heir of Lord Heon Hunter of longbow hall, he is called “young Lord Hunter”.

His age is between 40 and 50 years and the red colour of his face let one think tha he likes very uch wine. He has two huge moustaches that cover all his mouth.



Ser Gregor Clegane

Called “the Mountain that Rides”, for his huge size, ser Gregor Clegane is the only knight in the Seven Kingdoms able to provoke terror both in enemies and in allies.

Bannerman of Lannisters, Gregor is the lions army’s vanguard’s commander and Lord Tywin uses, for the dirty works, him and his men (Dunsen, Polliver, Raff the Sweetling, the Tickler), who aren’t more compassionate than their commander.

Seems that he raped and killed the princess Elia of Dorne, wife of the throne’s heir Rhaegar Targaryen, and killed also her son Aegon, an infant of about an year. Gregor pushed his little head against a wall, during the pillage of King’s Landing made by Lannisters, at the age of the Robert Baratheon’s revolt.

Between him and his younger brother Sandor flows a huge hate, due to an “incident” in Clegane’s castle, when they are kids. Sandor remained disfigured. Another cause of the hate is the mysterious death of their parents and little sister.



Ser Harys Swyft

Properties of noble House Swift are in the lands ruled by lannister, to Whom Swifts has swore loyalty.

Harys Swift, described like a chubby man, bald and obsequious, is the father-in-law of ser Kevan Lannister, who married his daughter Dorna.

Particular old ser Harys is the white tuft of white beard tha covers his chin and that he always touches and rubs.




Son of Hullen, the master stabler of Winterfell, Harwin is one of the Lord Eddard Stark’s men. Excellent rider and great connoisseur of the animals attended by his father, he cures also the horses of the young Starks, particularly the Arya’s pony. He called dearly the girl “Arya Sweetfoot”.



Lord Helman Tallhart

Lord of Torrhen Square and sworn to house Stark. It is told that his son, Benfred Tallhart, often visited Winterfell.

During his absence from Torrhen Square the brother Leobald is keeper of the fortress.




 Ser Hyle Hunt

Young knight without lands at Lord Randyll Tarly's of Horn Hill service, he has brown hair, blue eyes, rooked nose and a scar nea the ear.

On his mantle is drawn a dead brown stag with paws binded at the feet of a pole.





He is a big man with a simple mind, whi serves at Winterfell in years, often in stables. He seems to be a old Nan’s niece and his real name is Walder, but, as he pronunces only the word “hodor”, of which nobody knows the meaning, he was called in this way.

He was very fond with Lord Eddard Stark’s children, expecially with the little Brandon. Hodor have always been close to the little, helping him washing and wearing, or also simply keeping company and playing with him.

In spite of his build and strength, Hodor hates any kind of violence and he is surely provided, in spite of his simply mind, of a great heart.




Ser Horas e ser Hobber Redwyne

Horas and Hobber Redwyne are the twin sons of Paxter Redwyne and Lady Mina Tyrell, sister of Mace Tyrell.

Elected knights, the father’s heir is ser Horas, older for only few minutes.

At the King’s Landing court, the twins are kept officially as proteges. In reality they are hostages, for a warrantee for their father behavior, after the Robert Baratheon’s victory against Aerys Targaryen and the “driven” submission of Tyrells and their friends, like Redwyne. Horas and Hobber are ironically called with bad taste nicknames.

Ser Horas is called “ser Horror” and his brother ser Hobber “ser Stink”.



Lord Horton Redfort

Lord of Redfort, in the Vale of Arryn, he is an old and short man, with grey beard and gentle look. He married three times, and from his wives, he had four children.

His coat-of-arms is a red castle.



Ser Hosteen Frey

Seventh Lord Walder Frey’s son, born from his third wife Lady Amerei Crakehall.

Ser Hosteen is a knight aged fourty, characterized by a coriaceus build and a square face; from is mother he herited possent physical strongness, he’s the taller and stronger among Frey family.

For this, his old father, Walder Frey, send him to knight tournaments in order to bring honor to House Frey.

Married with Lady Bellena Hawick of Salty Pans, he had had only one child, the young knight ser Arwood Frey.




Ser Ilyn Payne

Ser Ilyn Payne is the Royal Executioner at the court of King’s Landing. Always bound in his grey armor, ser Ilyn carries out his work without problems.

His face is pockmarked and horrible and a while ago they cut away his tongue, under the command of King Aerys Targaryen. Ilyn, in fact, said that in reality his Hand, Lord Tywin Lannister, control the Seven Kingdoms on Aerys’ place.

Due to this powerlessness of speak, he gives vent to his rage decapitating condemneds to death. His eyes are sharp and cold as the ice.





Ser Imry Florent

Imry Florent, first-born of Lord Alester’s brother, ser Ryam, is the direct heir of the House Florent’s estates, in default of sons of Brightwater Keep’s Lord.

Being first-born, though made a Knight, ser Imry was more educated for improving his strategist and leader skills, instead for developing his fighting ability.

Proud, obstinate and often pretentious, ser Imry is famous for taking into account only hint from equal noblemen or superiors. He doesn’t consider who are lesser important.

His sister is Lady Selyse Florent, Lord Stannis Baratheon’s wife.




Jack "by the lucky"

He is a sought with a single eye, with a past in Riverrun prisons. In spite of his disamblement, he is consider lucky, because all of his relatives encounter a worse destiny. The father was hanged by Lord Piper bailiff, his brother Wat was sent to the Wall and the last brothers, Lister and Lennocks, were killed by Lannisters.




Janos Slynt

Commander of the City Watch of King’s Landing. He is fat, rough and not very diplomatic.




Jaqen H'ghar


A man of the Free Town of Lorath, as well as faithful to the Red god R’hllor, he is leaded to the North, bound and caged. Everybody fears him, because he is said to have done many terrible crimes, but is not given to know what he really did.

He marks himself with his eternal smile, which he never loses. He is thin and has polish features. Jaqen has also unmistakable hair, half red and half white, which flow until his shoulders. Jaqen pertain to himself speaking in third person, never in first. The only other new comes directly from his mouth: “… duties, promises to be kept…”




Lord Jason Mallister

Jason Mallister is the Lord of Seagard. His clothing is indigo and silver and his helm is decorated with eagle wings. His brown beard is disseminated of white threads and his face is excavated, but the time doesn’t mark his pride.

Ride as a man who doesn’t knows the fear and his look is proud and determined. Lord Mallister boasts a victory on three bannermen of the Targaryens, in the Battle of the Trident.

He also killed in duel Rodrik Greyjoy, son and heir of Lord Balon, in the vane assault of the Iron Fleet against Seagard.




Jeyne Poole

Jaeyne Poole is the very young daughter of Vanyon Poole, the steward of Winterfell, and she is the Sansa's best friend. Proud of the fate of Lord Eddard's daughter, she shares with her the passion for romantic stories and the dreams of the childhood.

Envious for the skillness of Arya in riding horses, in which instead Sansa is not so able, she calls the small Stark “Horse's face”




He is a very brave and skillfull dothraki warrior, entrusted from Khal Drogo with the protection of Daenerys Targaryen, with his companions.

Only sixteen years old, with the shadows of moustaches around his lips and a thin and muscular body, Jhogo is a yoing man with an incredibly able with arakh, the blended dothraki blade, and he is also very skilled with the whip.

Though he is very faithful, often thje excess of faithfulness makes him too vehement.



Lord Great Jon Umber

Lord of Last Heart, he is called Great Jon because of his huge size, tall as the giant Hodor and big two times him. His son is called “smalljon”, whereas his uncles are Mors “crow food” and Hother “whores bane”. He is a proud and noisy man, and says taht himself is the most faithful vassal of House Stark. He is obstinate and very brave, so that he is considered too irruent and not used to convenients.

His phisician strong is incredible, so much that can surmount even the strenght of a brave warrior like Jaime Lannister. This recall the sigil of his house: a giabt that breaks his chains. He has a good voice, that often uses during banquest to show himself. He also is a great drinker. To say him not to drink woul be equal to tell him not to breathe, so that, thought the great resistence to alcol, he often is drunk. In fight he uses a big and rough sword, orrible to see.




Small Jon Umber

Small Jon is son and heir of Jon Umber, Lord of Last Heart, last land before the Gift of the Watch, sworn to Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell.

Though he has the incredible huge size of his father, he still is a boy.




Ser Jorah Mormont

Son of Jeor Mormont, lord of the Bear Island, he lived his childhood in the castle his father's island, (of wich he was the heir), located in the north, where winters are extremely cold.. Still young, he married a girl choosen by his father, a Glover of, Deepwood Motte, and he was her husband for 10 years, until she died attempting to give birth to his heir.

When his father Jeor decided to take the black and enter i the Night's Watch, Jorah became lord of the Bear Island, and was called to the war by lord Eddard Stark, to whom the Bear Island was sworn, to stop the rebellion of Balon Greyjoy, who claimed himself king of the Iron Islands instead of Robert Baratheon.

Jorah showed his great bravery in the decisive battle of Pike, so he was made knight, being yet lord of the Bear Island. During the Lannisport tournament, organized by Robert to celebrate the victory against House Greyjoy, jorah met lady Lynesse Hightower of Old Town. He fell deperatly in love with her, and asked her a pledge to have good luck in the tournament. She consented and gave him a handkerchief, with wich he become an implacable fighter, so much tha he fought in the final match and broke nine spears against Jaime Lannister, gaining the laurel of the tournament winner.

After that Jorah married Lynesse and lead her in his castle on the Bear Island. Unfortunatly, their love broke after a short time, because in the island there didn't offer at all the amusements and funs of a great city, and the women of the island are famous because of their severity and their preference for fighting, that Lynesse was not able to be.

So Jorah did all he can to find some amusement for his wife, but he ran into debt. Searching desperatly any richness, Jorah Mormont fought in other tournaments, but in all of them he was thrown down the horse: magic with Lynesse was yet disappeared. To gain money, he even sold as slaves some hunters in an auction in the Free Cities, instead of delivering them to the Night's Watch.

After that, when the knight knew thart lord Eddard Stark was comng to the Bear Island, in ruins for the money lackness, to avoid the shame and the execution of the death sentence decreed for having sold as slaves the fraud hunters, ser Jorah Mormont escaped in exile to Lys, with Lynesse. But there, to maintain himself and his wife, he was forced to sell his sword as mercenary, and while he was out for a mission, Lynesse went in the house of a merchant-prince called Tregar Ormollen, and become his favourite concubine, breaking ser Jorah's heart.




Jory Cassell

Jory Cassel, Rodrik Cassel's nephew, is the commander of the Winterfell's Lord Eddard Stark Personal Watch.

Jory is then Martyn Cassel's child, that has fought to Joy's Tower with Lord Eddard Stark. Faithful to the North's Protector, which is almost a father for him, Jory Cassel has the hair and the eyes black as the greatest part of the North's men. He is also extremely skilled with the sword and to go horseback riding, and he often exploits this own ability to participate to some tournaments, in which it represents Great Winter.




Josmyn Peckledon

Young squire whose family has sworn fidelity to the Lannister's House.

Described as a very timid boy, thin from the braccias and long legs, from the hair greasy color mouse and the cheeks covered by a light down.




Kindly Man

Priest of the Temple of the Many-Faced God, in Bravoos. He wears a half white half black cape, symbol of the followers of the god whom he serves.

He’s a very enigmatic priest and a weird child who appears to be a living ghost often follows him.  




Koja Mo

Woman native of the Summer's Islands and Quhuru Mo's daughter, captain of the Cinnamon Wind. On the ship she is one of the few to know well the Seven Kingdoms language.

She's described as a woman by the black and smooth skin.

Gives her cleverness with the arc on the father's ship she is to the red archers head. It says she succeed to an arc of gilded wood to double bending and to launch arrows to four hundred yards distance.




Tall,with a soldier air, armed with long sword and dagger, rotten teeth and bushy brown beard, he brings on head a half iron helmet cone black, and on his coat are sewings rows of steel rings overlapped. The enormous, dirty yellow mantle with hood, that makes him appear as a big bird, is the evident source of his nickname, "Mantle of Lemon."




Leo Tyrell

He's called "The Idler." His hair is blonde ash and he wears a strips mantle green and gold, with a cloak of silk black deduction to the shoulder from a rose of jade. he has received a training of arme and it is said that he is deadly with the coupled braavosian's long blade and dagger. his surname is Tyrell and his father is Ser Moryn Tyrell,Old City commander watch, and same Leo is Mace Tyrell's cousin, Highgarden's Lord and the South Protector.




Ser Leobald Tallarth

Lord Herman Tallhart's Smaller brother and of Torrehn's guardian during his absence.His eyes are of a pale blue.

His wife Berena is form the Hornwoods lineage.




Lady Lollys Stokeworth

Second lady Tanda Stockworth's daughter, is a girl a little few short of brain and without a beautiful aspect, a few extending to the fatness, however delicate.

For a long time her mother and the greatest sister are in vain to the search, among the King's Landing Court, of a husband to make her to get married.



Lothar Frey

On the years, too much in meat, Lothar Frey,son of lord Walder and lady Alyssa Blackwood , his fourth grade wife, is properly not a beautiful man but from the curious aspect. From the brought closer eyes, dark hair in small braids that revert on his shoulders.

During the birth, one of his legs has been twisted, and for this motive he has been given him the nickname of "Lothar the Cripple." Cause his leg, he is'nt being able in some way to practise physical activity, Lothar is very cultured however and greatly educated in the oratorical arts, done what they make him, independently from the situation or delicious person, straight the courtesy done person or an awful thorn in the side.

From a dozen of years, besides he has become the orderly of his father, lord Walder Frey of the Twin Towers. Lothar is married with Leonella Lefford which has given him three daughters females: Tysene, Walda and Emberlei.




Lothor Brune

Knight very tied up to Lord Petyr Baelish. He has the crushed nose, the square jaw and the grey hair. His physicist makes him a strong and staid man, while his attitudes make him serious. He has succeeded in reaching the rank of Knight, but his origins are very humble.

He is allied with the Brune of Brownhollow, an old family of Knights of Crackclaw Point. At the death of his father Lothor introduced him from them, but they closed him the door in does telling him that he was not blood of their blood.




Ser Lyle Crakehall


Lord Roland Crakehall's son has called " Wild boar." It owes his nickname to the strength and the heat with which he faces every fight. His father is one of the ensigns of the Lannisters of Castelry Rock, for this reason Lyle has tightened friendship with Ser Jaime.




Ser Lyn Corbray


Second-born and heir of House Corbray. To the death of his father, during the Battle on the Trident against the Rhaegar Targaryen's army, the first-born Lyonel became Heart Home's Lord while ser Lyn inherited Mrs. Crying, the sword that in past belongs to the Lord his father.

Man from the chestnut hair that arrives to his shoulders, from the hard mouth and from the uneasy eyes, he has conquered a great warrior fame during the Robert Baratheon's rebellion and it is said that he has killed so many men in duel how much has cut the throat in battle.




Master Luwyn

Master Luwyn is the wise Winterfell's administrator and adviser. Master Luwyn is a grey little fellow, very ahead in the years, from the mobile eyes, careful, vigilant, to which nothing doesn't escape. He always wears a long and ample dress with the symbolic colors of the Stark's lineage, in which pockets put always every sort of objects: books, manufactured articles, secret messages and toys for his children.

There be to marvel of as still succeeds in moving the arms with all the things that he holds in the dress! Cultured and always opportune and polite, Master Luwyn has sworn fidelity to Winterfell, too in love of his people, and above all too tied the greatest part of which himself has educated to Lord Eddard Stark and Lady Catelyn Tully sons.



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