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Seven Kingdoms
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A Ring of Ice and Fire
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The Vale
giovedý, 15 maggio 2014
THE VALE OFF ARRYN THE PLACES ARE ORDERED FROM NORTH TO SOUTH THE THREE SISTERS They are an archipelago in the Narrow Sea.    ... Read more...
Others Characters Q - Z
martedý, 07 maggio 2013
Quaithe Quaithe of the Shadow is a misterious Red Priestess of Asshai by the Shadow, actually resident in the Repubblic of Qarth. Following... Read more...
Others Characters F - L
martedý, 07 maggio 2013
Lady Falyse Stokeworth First born of Lady Tanda Stokeworth, she is married with ser Balman Byrch.     Gendry Gendry is about... Read more...
giovedý, 14 febbraio 2013
DORNE PLACES ARE FROM NORTH TO SOUTH Dorne is the southernmost land of Westeros and the less populated region of the Seven Kingdom (as... Read more...
giovedý, 14 febbraio 2013
RIVER LANDS THE TWINS   It is the castle of the House Frey. For six hundred years the Freys have held the Trident's Ford, without... Read more...
Storm Lands
giovedý, 27 dicembre 2012
There are no translations available  
Profezie da I Guerrieri del Ghiaccio
giovedý, 27 dicembre 2012
There are no translations available
Characters Night's Watch
martedý, 12 giugno 2012
LORD JEOR MORMONT   Jeor Mormont, called Old Bear, is the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Strong and experienced man,... Read more...
Others Characters A - E
martedý, 12 giugno 2012
Ser Addam Marbrand He is a knight at the dependence of Lord Tywin Lannister. Ser Addam Marbrand is a charismatic leader, who knows how to... Read more...
Characters Martell
martedý, 12 giugno 2012
   PRINCE DORAN NYMEROS MARTELL   Doran Nymeros Martell is the Dorne's Prince and Sunspear Lord. First-born of a long... Read more...
Seven Kingdoms

In this section it had been collected all the informations about the “A Song of Ice and Fire“ saga.

In the Maps category you may find the regions' maps and the main cities where the saga events take place. These maps are extracted from the series of books published during these last years. Sometimes we have pointed out a region using the colour of the family who owns it.

In the History category you may find all the informations about the main events happened before the age when the events told in the saga take place.

In the Geography category you can find all you need to figure out the sceneries of the saga.

In the Religion category are collected all the informations about the different religions as they come out during the story.

In the Heraldry category are described the various hierarchies among the main families and the lesser ones, with the arms by Fabio Feltrin which made them renowned.

In the Characters category you can find all the main characters involved in the saga with pictures by Carmela Salvi and Chiara Bonazzi.

In the Coins category you can find the Official Westeros Coins by

In the Banquets category you can find various dishes described during the saga.

In the Prophecies category are collected all the profecies which are connected with some characters and sometimes condition their actions.

In the Songs category are quoted the songs as they appear in the books.

In the Miniatures category are shown the statuettes created by some of this community members.

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