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Others Characters Q - Z
marted́, 07 maggio 2013
Quaithe Quaithe of the Shadow is a misterious Red Priestess of Asshai by the Shadow, actually resident in the Repubblic of Qarth. Following... Read more...
Others Characters F - L
marted́, 07 maggio 2013
Lady Falyse Stokeworth First born of Lady Tanda Stokeworth, she is married with ser Balman Byrch.     Gendry Gendry is about... Read more...
Characters Night's Watch
marted́, 12 giugno 2012
LORD JEOR MORMONT   Jeor Mormont, called Old Bear, is the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Strong and experienced man,... Read more...
Others Characters A - E
marted́, 12 giugno 2012
Ser Addam Marbrand He is a knight at the dependence of Lord Tywin Lannister. Ser Addam Marbrand is a charismatic leader, who knows how to... Read more...
Characters Martell
marted́, 12 giugno 2012
   PRINCE DORAN NYMEROS MARTELL   Doran Nymeros Martell is the Dorne's Prince and Sunspear Lord. First-born of a long... Read more...
The Heroes of Seven Kingdoms
luned́, 11 giugno 2012
Aegon I Lord of Dragonstone, one of the remaining parts of Valryrian Empire, that had been destroyed a few centuries before, tried to... Read more...
Others Characters M - P
luned́, 11 giugno 2012
Lady Melisandre   Lady Melisandre, “The Red Woman”, is a priestess of the cult of R'hllor, the God of the Light. Arrived... Read more...
Characters Wildlings
venerd́, 13 aprile 2012
MANCE RAYDER   Mance Rayder is known in the Seven Kingdoms as the King-beyond-the-Wall. He was a Night’s Watch man, but he... Read more...
Characters Tully
luned́, 19 settembre 2011
LORD HOSTER TULLY Hoster Tully, Riverrun's Lord, father of Catelyn, Lysa and Edmure, brother of the legendary warlike Brynden and husband... Read more...
Characters Arryn
luned́, 19 settembre 2011
LORD JON ARRYN Lord of the Eyrie, Jon Arryn was a second father for Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon. When King Aerys II Targaryen killed... Read more...

Main and minor saga's characters, divided by house, with pictures.

The Pictures Arryn, Stark, Targaryen, Tully, Tyrell and Night Watch are a Copyright © 2010 Carmela Salvi;

the Pictures Baratheon, Greyjoy, Lannister, Martell and Wildings are a Copyright © 2010 Chiara Bonazzi.


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