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Actors Martell
lunedý, 17 febbraio 2014
  PEDRO PASCAL (OBERYN MARTELL)       Chilean actor, his family left Chile due to the military dictatorship of... Read more...
To King's Landing
martedý, 01 ottobre 2013
        INDIRA VARMA (ELLARIA SAND)     Her father is Indian and her mother Swiss. She trained at R.A.D.A.... Read more...
Actors Wildlings
domenica, 21 luglio 2013
    CIARAN HINDS (MANCE RAYDER)       Irish actor, he abandoned his studies in law at Queen's University to enroll... Read more...
Actors Tyrell
domenica, 21 luglio 2013
    DIANA RIGG (LADY OLENNA TYRELL)       She spent her first 8 years in India, where she learned hindi. She was... Read more...
To Stannis Baratheon's court
giovedý, 18 luglio 2013
    TARA FITZGERALD (LADY SELYSE FLORENT)   Main roles: Estella in "Sirens" (1993) Elizabeth from Cardiff in... Read more...
Actors Baratheon
giovedý, 18 luglio 2013
MARK ADDY (KING ROBERT BARATHEON)     Main roles: Detective Boyle in the TV series "Thin Blue Line" (1996) Dave in... Read more...
In The North
mercoledý, 17 luglio 2013
  JAMIE MICHIE (WALTON STEELSHANKS)   He acted in various TV series (among them "Holby City" and "Skins") and... Read more...
In the Trident
domenica, 14 luglio 2013
    ALEXANDRA DOWLING (ROSLIN FREY)   She played the role of Kara in the 5th season of the TV series "Merlin"... Read more...
In the Oriental Continent
mercoledý, 10 luglio 2013
  MARK KILLEEN (MERO, THE TITAN'S BASTARD)   He made his debut in the Irish movie "Rise of the Footsoldier" (2007) in... Read more...
Actors Tully
lunedý, 27 agosto 2012
TOBIAS MENZIES (SER EDMURE TULLY)   Theatre actor graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he acted also in various British... Read more...
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