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Profezie da I Guerrieri del Ghiaccio
giovedý, 27 dicembre 2012
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From "A Feast for Crows"
sabato, 05 dicembre 2009
Maggy the Frog   "When will I wed the prince?" Cersei asked. "Never. You will wed the king." "I will be... Read more...
From "A Storm of Swords"
giovedý, 05 giugno 2008
Ghost of High Heart's Dreams   The Ghost from High Hearth has several prophetic dreams in the books: "The old gods stir and will... Read more...
From "A Clash ok Kings", part II
giovedý, 05 giugno 2008
The Hous of the Undying   During the lapse of time passed in the House of the Undying, Dany hears and watches many things. Some of... Read more...
From "A Clash ok Kings", part I
giovedý, 05 giugno 2008
Patchface's Song Patchface, the Dragonstone's fool, shows an alarming ability in predicting events, using apparently meaningless songs. For... Read more...
From "A Game of Thrones", part. II
giovedý, 05 giugno 2008
The Stallion That Mounts the World "As swift as the wind he rides, and behind him his khalasar covers the earth, men without number,... Read more...
From "A Game of Thrones", part. I
giovedý, 05 giugno 2008
Bran's dream He saw his mother sitting alone in a cabin, looking at a bloodstained knife on a table in front of her, as the rowers pulled... Read more...

Warning! This section contains Spoilers* about the entire saga.

We want to thank Raffaele Radaelli for his priceless work.


*the spoilers in these explanations regarding the various prophecies aren't only about the books where these prophecies appear, but most of all they point out (or somehow they try to) some events that are yet to come in the next books. For this reason WE GREATLY TRY TO DISSUADE you from reading them if you have not read ALL the books until now published.

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