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House Charlton
lunedý, 09 gennaio 2012
    House Charlton   Their arm is three sprigs of mistletoe, green and red, on gold within a green border.  
House Bracken
giovedý, 05 gennaio 2012
House Bracken     Bracken represent one of the most important lineages of the trident. Famous their secular rivalry has been with... Read more...
House Mallister
mercoledý, 26 gennaio 2011
    House Mallister           The Mallister are the lords of Seagard.   Their motto is "Above... Read more...
House Blanetree
venerdý, 24 aprile 2009
House Blanetree             Their arm is a maple leaves, green and brown, strewn on a field of yellow.... Read more...
House Lothston
mercoledý, 11 giugno 2008
House Lothston   The fifth lineage to regnare on Harrenhal later gains her of Aegon, the line of descent of Lothston is ended to man's... Read more...
House Frey
mercoledý, 11 giugno 2008
House Frey   Rich, powerful and numerous, the Freys of the Green Fork are banners of House Tully; indeed their swords sweared loyalty... Read more...
House Blackwood
mercoledý, 11 giugno 2008
House Blackwood     Blackwood are an ancient house in the river earths, descending of first men, and is maybe the only lineage,... Read more...

House Tully



As much as they were for thousand year masters of rich lands and of a marvellous castle, the Tullys never reigned as kings.

During the Wars of Conquer, the entire region, covered by many rivers, belonged to Harren the Black, King of Iron Islands. The grandfather of Harren, King Hawrwin Hardhand, took the Trident from Arrec, King of Storm’s End, the ancestors of whom, three hundred years before, conquered the all region, up to the Neck.

Cruel and foppish tyrant, Harren the Black wasn’t loved by his minions, because of this many river’s lords deserted him for joining Aegon the Dragon’s armies. The first in doing this was Edmyn Tully of Riverrun. When Harren and his heirs died in the fall of Harrenhal, Aegon rewarded House Tully with overlordship of the lands watered by the Trident and imposing to the other lords to swear loyalty to them.

Tully’s emblem is a silver darting trout on waving red and blue field. Their motto is “Family, duty, honor”.

House loyal to Tully:

Blackwood , Blanetree, Bracken, Charlton, Darry, Erenford, (Fisher), Frey, Goodbrook, Grell, Haigh, (Harroway), Harwick, (Justman), Keath, Lolliston, (Lothston), Lychester, Mallister, Mooton, (Mudd), Paege, Piper, (Qoherys), Roote, Ryger, Shawney, Smallwod, (Strong), (Teague), Terrick, (Towers), Vance di Atranta, Vance di Wayfarer’s Rest, Vypren, Wayn, Whent, Wode.


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