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House Elesham
luned́, 09 gennaio 2012
    House Elesham       A double pile inverted, stone on pink, a black mullet between.        
House Borrell
domenica, 22 novembre 2009
House Borrell         Sweetsister is probably one of the Three Sisters, a trio of islands in the bay called the Bite.... Read more...
House Egen
marted́, 14 aprile 2009
House Egen         The coat of arms of Egen depicts a Yellow sun, white crescent moon, and silver star on blue chief... Read more...
House Royce from The Moon's Door
marted́, 10 giugno 2008
 House Royce     The Moon Door Royce, the first and bigger of the guard of the dangerous street ramparts that leads to the... Read more...
House Royce from Runestone
marted́, 10 giugno 2008
House Royce       Royce descend give first men, what were living one times the Arryn Valley, even if without doubt they are... Read more...
House Redfort
marted́, 10 giugno 2008
House Redfort       Redfort are one of the ancient lineages of the valley which descend give first men. Their coat of arms... Read more...
House Donninger
marted́, 10 giugno 2008
House Donninger   The coat of arms of Donninger depicts a red sun to the sunset on a grey-green sea against a yellow sky.  
House Corbray
marted́, 10 giugno 2008
House Corbray     Corbray are a ancient, but impoverished family of the Arryn Valley.. Their coat of arms has three black ravens... Read more...
House Coldwater
marted́, 10 giugno 2008
House Coldwater       The coat of arms of Coldwater is a blue drape with white borders on red background.
House Belmore
marted́, 10 giugno 2008
House Belmore     The Belmore coat of arms depicts are silver bells on purple field.  

House Arryn

Arryn of The Eyrie.gif

Arryn descend from the Mountains and Valley’s kings, one of the ancients and pures nobility lines of Andal.

To the burst of the war of the kings, the Arryn house has not lined up with anyone of the contestants, its defence of the Valley and the Eyre strengths keeping.

Their coat of arms is the falcon which surmounts the moon, white in blue sky field. Their saying is: "in as high as the honour".


House loyal to Arryn:

Baelish, Belmore, Borrell, Coldwater, Corbray, Donninger, Egen, Elesham, Grafton, Hardyng, Hersy, Hunter, Longthorpe, Lynderly, Melcolm, Moore, Pryor, Redfort, Royce from Runestone, Royce from Gates of the Moon, Ruthermont, Shett, Sunderland, Templeton, Tollett, Torrent, Upcliff, Waxley, Waynwood, Wydman.

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